Private Car Service to Long Beach Airport (CA)

Your travel plans to Los Angeles are beyond any doubt incomplete if you have not yet picked
out a car service that offers you a relaxing and pleasant commuting experience. Here’s when
LAA Transportation comes into play: We offer one of the best car services to Long Beach
Airport with a promise of both securing our customers’ comfort and providing them with the
utmost luxurious journey.
You should expect a state-of-the-art car service to Long Beach Airport as LAA Transportation
offers a range of lavish vehicles along with the most competitive quotes. Moreover, we utilize
our monitoring system to stay up-to-date regarding any flight changes.
To avail LAA Transportation’s car service to or from Long Beach Airport, contact +1800 990
0444 for instant quotes. We promise a ride that would turn you into a recurring customer of LAA

Our Luxury Private Car Services to Long Beach Airport
Long Beach Airport, CA to LAX
If your travel plans consist of leaving Long Beach Airport to reach LAX or the other way around,
LAA Transportation has got you covered. Make this 21 miles distance between the two airports
a journey of comfort by choosing the right car service. Though the journey time varies from 30
minutes to an entire hour owing to reasons like peak hours and traffic, LAA Transportation will
provide you a hassle-free commute.

Long Beach Airport, CA to SNA (John Wayne Airport)
You are less likely to experience any traffic if you are traveling from Long Beach Airport to John
Wayne Airport. Though these airports are the same distance as Long Beach Airport and LAX,
the journey time is only 30 minutes or slightly more.

Long Beach, CA Service Transfers
If you’re headed towards a birthday party or even some other family event, the last thing you
would want on your plate is the grueling task of hailing a cab to take you to your destination.
LAA Transportation offers the perfect solution: a car service to pick you up from Long Beach

Airport and drop off to your destination and right back to the airport without the added anxiety of
finding transport.

Long Beach, CA To Various Venues
Whether you’re on a business trip or headed to Disneyland with your family, you can trust LAA
Transportation to be your companion offering the perfect car service. By making a reservation
with us, you would be welcomed by our chauffeur right at the Long Beach Airport, ready to pick
up your suitcases and take you on a comfortable journey to the venue of your choice.

Our Fleets
1. Town Car
LAA Transportation’s town cars are the right pick for someone looking for a luxurious car service
to Long Beach Airport that comfortably seats 3 passengers along with their suitcases.

2. SUV
Our SUVs can seat up to 4 to 5 passengers along with 3 medium-sized suitcases. Like all of our
car services, this Long Beach Airport car service ensures a quick drop-off to your destination,
achieved by a combination of highly trained chauffeurs and our real-time map service.

3. Limousine
For our customers tending to business matters, LAA Transportation offers its Limousine car
service to Long Beach Airport. This car service comes with a lavish interior and has magazines
and water bottles to keep our customers occupied and relaxed.

4. 14 Passenger Sprinter Van
We recommend our 14 Passenger Sprinter Van service to customers looking to travel in groups.
This ride, with its capacity to seat up to 14 people, is the epitome of a comfortable traveling
experience for long routes.

Why Choose LAA Transportation?

1. Professional Chauffeurs
We keep a team of experienced and licensed drivers who are familiar with all routes and are
professionals at providing a satisfying traveling experience.

2. Services Offered 24/7
You can book a ride with LAA Transportation 24/7 and get instant competitive quotes by calling
at the number +1800 990 0444 or by filling out this website form .

3. Luxurious Commuting Experience
Our vehicles are subjected to regular maintenance and sanitary measures to achieve grand car
4. Safety Seats
LAA Transportation prioritizes child safety and comes with baby, toddler, and even booster
seats for kids traveling with you.

5. Meet-And-Greet Service
Traveling to a new city can be daunting. Request for a meet-and-greet service with LAA
Transportation and expect our chauffeur to welcome you with a name sign at the airport.
Now that you have read all the fascinating features of our private car service to Long Beach
Airport, it’s time to experience them in real-time! Book your private car service to Long Beach
Airport now by calling us at +1800 990 0444 or make an online reservation through our website.
If you have any queries, you can call us or contact us through our website. We are here to
assist you and provide you with the most luxurious ride of your life.